Creative Collaboration Model

PINGSEGN's goal is to enable customers to make the most of the advanced imaging device..
PINGSENG is determined to build a long-term strategic partnership with customers, combining institutional research

strength and industrial engineering capability to promote innovation and discovery.

◇  Fund Applicaton:
    Actively collaborate with customer to help define study topics and support scientific research.
◇  Customized Service:
    Provide customized accessories and interfaces to hardware and software to solve specific issues encountered.
◇  Academic Exchange and Resource Sharing:
   Organize academic exchange activities to promote communication and scientific research. Actively participate in relevant academic    activities organized by customers to better understand customer needs. Share experience and scientific results from customers.
◇  Platform Promotion:
    PINGSENG will support customers to promote their molecular imaging services using its available marketing capabilities                         (exhibitions, promotional materials, website, and sales staff).   
◇  Commercialization Consulting: 
    PINGSENG can provide consulting service for customers to convert their scientific research results to commercial products.
◇  Personnel Training: 
    PINGSENG can provide customized personnel training and also welcome talents to join our force in molecular imaging.