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Blood Sampling System  TwiliteTWO

Swisstrace have updated their successful high sensitivity blood sampler: the twilite. The system is ideal for use in conjunction with PET, PET/MR or beta-probes. It measures the time-course of radioactivity in whole blood with high temporal resolution in small and large experimental subjects. If used with an arterio-venous shunt, the twilite allows the measurement of the whole blood arterial input function without any blood loss.

Pic.1 twilite device

The core of the twilite system is a very compact measuring head machined from medical grade tungsten, which shields the LYSO crystals from outside radiation and is fully MR compatible. The scintillations are conveyed to the photon detection unit via two flexible high efficiency light guides. This elegant design is without any electronics in the sensor head and thus avoids any potential problems due to electromagnetic interference with other devices. Furthermore, this design minimizes any potential risks for use in human research experiments.

Pic.2 Sensor head

Data acquisition is performed with the dedicated PMOD module PSAMPLE, which allows simultaneous recording of multiple Swisstrace devices (e. g. twilite sampler and twin beta probe system) via a TCP/IP interface. The PMOD software, with its modular structure, allows comprehensive offline analysis of radiotracer data from both the twilite and imaging modalities. Transfer of data to the kinetic modeling software PKIN is literally a mouse-click away.