Clinical PET/CT imaging system dedicated to human brain studies- Rainbow VHD

Rainbow VHD, developed by PINGSENG specially for clinical brain diagnostic, is the world's first and currently the only PET/CT imaging system dedicated to human brain neurological and head oncological studies.It is characterized with the highest spatial resolution and the best image quality, compared to any other human clinical PET/CT imaging systems in the market. This device won the Innovation Award at the 2011 China Industrial Fair.

Rainbow VHD is PINGSENG’s high-end medical diagnostic equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights, particularly  suitable for early diagnosis of neurological diseases and brain/head tumors, which is beneficial to early detection, early treatment and prevention of those diseases. Its quantification accuracy enables tumor staging and evaluation of treatment response, which provides great convenience and cost reduction to patients.

This equipment can be widely used in the field of clinical studies, for example:

 Brain dead tissue screening,

 Correlation study between smoke addiction and cranial nerve function,

 Brain and early facial tumors diagnosis,

 Early diagnosis and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.


The highly sensitive PET system is integrated with the high-resolution CBCT technology. The combination of functional and anatomical imaging greatly improves the sensitivity and specificity of clinical diagnosis. The world's first brain/head PET/CT system is about to enter clinical trials...