■ Performance advantages of CsI compared to GOS
  • With higher resolution (Higher MTF)

    CsI crystal has the micro-columnar structure which can       
    make the visible light conversed by X-ray propagate
    long the cylinder, so that the light scattering can be
    effectively suppressed, then the spatial resolution (MTF)
    of X-ray imaging devices is improved. 

  • With better image ( Higher DQE )

    At the same dose, CsI conversion screen can get a           
    clearer image; With the same image quality, CsI
    conversion screen requires for the lower doses.

  • Great Coupling Technology

    The X ray conversion screen (CsI) from
    PINGSENG has not only the characteristics
    of high resolution and high quality imaging,
    but also the flexibility of the POLY substrate,
    which has the characteristics of easy coupling
    of various photosensitive devices, such as
    CCD, A-Si, CMOS.