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PINGSENG offers molecular-imaging services, which conveniently meet the needs for businesses and researchers, no matter whether customers are domestic or abroad.

Imaging services include:

• Pre-clinical in-vivo PET/CT ( animals /tissues / models )
Pre-clinical Micro-CT ( animals / tissues / models / materials)

Imaging services can be on demand and customized, with guaranteed quality and accurate analysis reports.

We are here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, fax, or emails.


Service Contents

Service Type Specifications Service description Remarks
In-vitro sample scanning Diameter<85mm,
High resolution scanning, pixel size 20-50μm (2D, 3D image)
Default DICOM output format
15-30 working days
In-vivo sample scanning No infectious disease in living samples,
qualified for immune examination
Gas anesthesia for living sample scanning.
Do not provide live sample feeding,
drug injections and other operational services.
2-5 working days
In- vitro sample scanning Diameter<85mm,Length<250mm Ultra high resolution, pixel size 5-20μm
scanning (2D, 3D image) Default
DICOM output format. Other output formats
based on customer requirements
15-30 working days
In-vitro sample analysis ROI (region of interest) data analysis, BMD, BV,
TV, BV/TV and bone morphology analysis
In-vivo sample analysis ROI (region of interest)
statistical analysis, fat analysis
15-30 working days
Other analysis according to customer needs 15-30 working days


Special reminder:

For in-vitro Micro-CT studies, please provide samples in formalin and properly packed for storage.

Customers are kindly requested to provide specific scanning requirements (image resolution, scanning method, or relevant references, etc.)

After the studies, customer can get the following:
Scanning parameters and condition, CT DICOM data;
Detailed analysis report per request.


■  Technical Support


PINGSENG's goal is to enable customers to make the most of the advanced imanging device .

​In the process of using the equipment, PINGSENG can provide reasonable software and hardware renovation services, image

​processing and other suggestions to customers.


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