X-ray Conversion Screen (CsI)

The x-ray conversion screen is a core component of x-ray imaging devices. Coupled with CCD, TFT, or CMOS sensors, it is widely utilized in the X-ray imaging field. At PINGSENG, we offer a complete production line for manufacturing CsI x-ray conversion screens. The scintillator can be based on a variety of materials, from POLY screen and aluminum to fiber optic plate (FOP). Our screens can also be tailored to meet customers’ special needs with respect to base-plate type, scintillator thickness, light output, and resolution. PINGSENG pride itself in being the only x-ray conversion screen manufacturer in China which can provide customized design.

◆ Product Type
Plate Type Scintillator effective area Scintillator Thickness(um) MTF(A) Light Output(B) Substrate Thickness(mm) Product Type Application
Max. Min. Standard Max.
Aluminum Plate 440mm*440mm 50mm*50mm 350/550 1000 >24%(D) 280% / 350% 0.4 High light output
Hight Resolution
Polymer Plate 440mm*440mm 50mm*50mm 350/550 1000 >20% (D) 300% / 380% 0.3 High light output
Hight Resolution
Fiber Optic Plate 240mm*240mm 16mm*26mm 150/350 1000 >20% (C) 80% / 200% 1 - 3 Hight Resolution Dental,FPD

A: x-ray tube voltage 70KV, no filter;
B: Kodak Lanex-R (GOS) relative output = 100%;
C: CsI thickness 150 μm, tested when MTF@12lp/mm
D: CsI thickness 550 μm, tested when MTF@3lp/mm

◆ Product Features

  • Cost Effective
  • Fast response and product delivery
  • Flexible custom design
  • Prompt pre-sales & after sales service

◆ Application Fields

  • Cardiovascular DR
  • Breast DR
  • Veterinary Use
  • Dental Imaging
  • NDT Equipment

◆ Expanded Overseas Market

  • Ukraine
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • Korea