In-vivo & In-vitro scanning system
■ Super-High resolution and contrast
■ High speed and real time reconstruction
■ Multi-protocol scan modes (More than 20+)
■ Multiple system interface configuration
■ One-stop data processing workstation
■ ECG gating and respiratory gating
■ Fully self-shielding security protection


  • In-vivo & In-vitro scanning system

    It can not only realize the high resolution imaging of isolated samples, but also satisfy the whole body imaging of living animals .

  • Super-high resolution and contrast

    Deep diversity reconstruction algorithms and
    post-processing techniques, bring clearer
    picture quality and richer sense of hierarchy.
    Excellent spatial resolution(< 7.5 μm@10%MTF),
    voxel resolution up to 2μm.

  • High speed and real time reconstruction

    GPU acceleration technology can be used to achieve real-time reconstruction of the fastest scanning mode, and improves the image processing capabilities.

  • Multi-protocol scan mode (More than 20+)

    It supports a varity of living experiments, in vitro experiments, insect experiments, plant experiments and user-defined protocols. According to the scanned objects and intended usage, user can select the best scanning protocol.

  • Multiple system interface configuration

    The interface configuration includes the gas anesthesia interface, real-time video monitoring interface of animal cabin, testing interface of animal physiological parameters, automatic liquid injection interface, etc.

  • One-stop data processing workstation

    Basicly coverage all applications of micro CT (including complete bone analysis/fat analysis solutions):
    * Chinese/English bilingual software interface, easy to use;
    * Efficient and flexible data acquisition and reconstruction;
    * Professional image rendering/technology;
    * Support multiple data formats: RAW/IMG/PNG/AVI/OBJ/DICOM/STL..

  • Gating Technology and Physiological Information Monitoring System

    Using advanced retrospective ECG gating and
    respiratory gating techniques to effectivly control
    for cardiac and motion artifacts;

    Equipped with animal physiological information
    (breathing, heartbeat) monitoring system.

  • Fully self-shielding security protection

    Surface radiation dose <1 u Sv/h - to reach the background radiation level (FDA Standard Test Method).